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Latest Post:  Arkham City Factions and Point SystemAvalikia, Mar 13, 2016 21:35:54 GMT -5
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Rules, theme, and other important information. Read first!
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Latest Post:  Guess What? I'm Still Alive!Avalikia, May 12, 2020 14:22:47 GMT -5
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Important information about new things and upcoming events.
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Latest Post:  Every day is TuesdayOswald Cobblepot - The Penguin, Nov 20, 2016 15:25:53 GMT -5
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A board to let people know of any absences you might have.

Character and Plot Development

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Latest Post:  Harleen Quinzel - Harley Quinnharleenquinzel, Nov 16, 2016 16:53:29 GMT -5
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Would you like to make a new character? Or find out more about the characters currently running around? This is the right place!
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Latest Post:  Arkham City GuideAvalikia, Oct 8, 2016 12:09:32 GMT -5
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Got an idea for a thread? A major plot you think would be interesting? Looking for RP? Post here.

Arkham City

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Latest Post:  A Cold Day In Hell [Nora, Open]Victor Fries - Mr. Freeze, Nov 2, 2016 4:31:22 GMT -5
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Originally envisioned as an upscale part area, the decades have not been kind to Park Row. When the city fell into crime, this area fell even further - in fact, it gained the nickname 'Crime Alley'. Located between the Bowery and Amusement Mile, it's a large area that features many run-down apartment buildings, as well as many historic sites like the Solomon Wayne Courthouse, the Monarch Theatre, and the Gotham Cathedral.
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While most of this portion of the city had become rather run down even before the Arkham City project, the Bowery had been the exception. Perhaps because it rubbed shoulders with the wealthiest part of the city, the shopping areas and other attractions of the district did very good business before everyone left to make way for the new prison. With its numerous balconies and walkways the whole area has a unique multi-level feel, originally meant to encourage foot-traffic.
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Latest Post:  Ice World Problems [Joker]The Joker, Nov 26, 2016 12:58:26 GMT -5
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Built in the 1920s, Amusement Mile was a favorite tourist attraction in Gotham City - featuring rides and shops along its long boardwalk, and other entertainments in the immediate area. At the time it was built, it housed the highest Ferris wheel in the United States and the world's fastest roller coaster. However, poor management eventually left the area in such disrepair that it was condemned and abandoned, only to be taken over by the Joker for a time. It was later reclaimed and restored, only to fail once again - which proved to be disastrous for the economy for the area.
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Sionis Industries
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A former center of heavy industry in Gotham, this area fell into hard times when the high tech revolution caused many of its factories to become outdated, leaving many of them to close. The largest and most prominent factory in the area is the large steel mill owned by Sionis Industries, but as it's quite close to Gotham's largest dockyard it also contains many warehouses.
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Linking the Bowery to the Industrial District, it was naturally determined to be unwise to keep this portion of Gotham's massive subway system in use underneath the feet of a number of criminals who are infamous for their ability to escape from custody. But since actually collapsing the tunnel would be extremely dangerous, blocking off the ends is the more reasonable course of action. Still, it's said that there's a vast underground network of other old tunnels beneath all parts of the city - abandoned sewer lines, for example - so this is unlikely to be the best way out.
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Once the heart of Old Gotham, Wonder Tower has survived a couple hundred years of disasters, modernization movements, city planners, and more recently the Arkham City project - being chosen to house its administration facilities rather than becoming a part of the prison itself. Perhaps the secret to its success is in its surprisingly modern design for a building of that era, enough that it baffles some historians, though its secrets remain hidden and in spite of its age it makes a fine headquarters. All of the administrative offices are contained within this tower, along with the central control systems for its security and other functions.

Gotham City

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The former site in Gotham City for harboring the mentally insane. Once the psychologically disturbed were housed here under the care of Dr. Jeremiah Arkham and his staff, now it has become the headquarters for TYGER - the mercenary security force that has been charged with guarding the new open air prison known as Arkham City.
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Latest Post:  The Alluring Gotham City [Eva]Digger Harkness-Cpt. Boomerang, Dec 16, 2016 2:40:58 GMT -5
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The epicenter of Gotham City. This is the place for city officials to hold important meetings behind closed doors, and also to showcase their deliberations in front of various media outlets. Journalists of the newspaper, of both Gotham City's own news stations and outside cities' news stations, are found here on nearly a daily basis. It's a large piece of land, but hardly any of it is really open to the elements. Nearly the entirety is boarded up by the glass and brick skyskrapers that give the city it's closed up, gothic feel.
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Latest Post:  A Melting Heart [Nora]Victor Fries - Mr. Freeze, Nov 2, 2016 4:30:04 GMT -5
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The northernmost sector of Gotham city is generally full of the wealthy and the elite. Homes worth millions of dollars, and that doesn't even include the manors. The 'safest' part of Gotham, the most open as well. The skyskrapers don't block one's vision of the night sky here. It actually gets dark at night. Unfortunately for the average citizen, most can't afford to live here.
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Latest Post:  The Domino Effect [Dr. Leland]The Joker, Sept 18, 2016 3:20:25 GMT -5
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The most populated sector of Gotham City. This is the portion where the middle-class thrive, instead of the wealthy elite of the North or the downtrodden poor of the East. The streets could use some cleaning, but all in all the majority looks like a decent enough suburb. Two-story homes as far as the eye can see, public schools, some decorative gardens. Break-ins are relatively common here though, as the crime from the East End sometimes infiltrates the sweet suburban life.
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Latest Post:  The Securely Insecure [Selina, Lex, Bruce]Avalikia, Sept 4, 2016 20:36:26 GMT -5
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The business and industrial sector of Gotham City. Home to the Gotham City Police Department as well as the headquarters for Wayne Enterprises. This sector is the busiest, with Gotham's workforce from blue collar to white collar travelling to and from work at nearly every hour of the day. Taxis clutter the roads, and pedestrians make their job harder. Lined with skyskrapers and other such business buildings, not many people live here. But chances are that if one lives and works within Gotham City, they're here at least once per day.
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Latest Post:  Walk and Talk [Roy]Kara Zor-El - Supergirl, Oct 31, 2016 22:24:56 GMT -5
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For anywhere located within the city limits of Gotham, but not necessarily in other boroughs. Random alleys, warehouses, that sort of thing.

Outside Gotham

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Latest Post:  The Fallen and Lost [Open]Kara Zor-El - Supergirl, Dec 1, 2016 0:40:53 GMT -5
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Home to Superman, Metropolis is located on the eastern coast of the United States - right across the bay from Gotham City.
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Latest Post:  You are my one and only! [DICK]Kory Anders - Starfire, Feb 22, 2017 7:54:32 GMT -5
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Rivaling Gotham in corruption, Blüdhaven is located a short distance down the coast from Gotham City.
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Latest Post:  Seeing Stars [Open,Roy Harper]Digger Harkness-Cpt. Boomerang, Sept 16, 2016 17:51:18 GMT -5
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Anywhere else in the United States.
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Anywhere else in the world.

Out of Character

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Latest Post:  Jere's Reading Corner!Jeremiah Arkham - Black Mask, Oct 5, 2016 22:52:33 GMT -5
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Random threads that don't otherwise fit in with other boards.
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Latest Post:  Fodlan Chronicles: A Fire Emblem Based RPSothis, Dec 31, 2019 5:21:33 GMT -5
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The place to advertise other roleplaying sites. Guest-friendly!
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Old finished threads for your viewing pleasure.

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